CAJAN envisions and strives for Caprivi Justice, Peace, and Freedom

Campaign for Financial Support-Caprivi Strip Case

Imagine spending every moment of your life in constant fear. Fear of harassment, fear of being arrested, fear of torture, or even death. Your entire adulthood or even your entire lifetime spent worrying whether today will be your last day. This is what countless Caprivians have suffered over the last 20 years at the hands of the Namibian regime. Some Caprivians remained in their home country while others fled to Botswana and surrounding countries. The heartache for all involved has ripped entire families apart.

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We sincerely appreciate and thank respected international and local or regional nongovernmental and intergovernmental bodies who continue to chronicle the plight and suffering of the Caprivian people.

“‘Definitely we made some mistakes regarding human rights abuses,’ Defence Minister Erkki Nghimtina told The Namibian newspaper.” – BBC News: Namibia admits Caprivi abuses


“The long-running treason trial of Caprivi detainees entered its 11th year. Another detainee died in custody, bringing the total number of Caprivi detainees who have died in custody to 21. Human rights defenders, journalists and civil society organizations critical of government and the ruling South West African People’s Organization (SWAPO) party were targeted by government officials and SWAPO supporters.” -Amnesty International’s 2011 Report