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Tribalism in Caprivi is a Psychological warfare weapon

Caprivi Strip nation emblem symbolizing unity among Caprivian people..

Tribalism in Caprivi is a Psychological warfare weapon


“As a Man thinketh, so is he.” Contextualized, if you think you are a tribalist then you are. If you think Caprivi is a world-class tribalism theater then it is. If you think we are divided then we are. Think differently, the opposite and it shall be so. James Allen teaches two essential truths in his book titled As a Man thinketh so is He: 1) that today we are where our thoughts have taken us, 2) that we are the architects, for better or worse, of our futures. This book was called “The Strangest Secret” by the father of modern day personal development, Earl Nightngale. He said the secret is “we become what we think about”.


Whatever happened to the Luyemi Hamoho legacy which literally means “Together We Stand”. This was symbolized by two elephants, firstly on Caprivi identity cards, and secondly on the Caprivi coat of arms. This represented the Masubiya and Mafwe Traditional Authorities and their people. It means unity. Some say it was a creation of the colonial regime which might be true, but let us not lose sight of the fact that tribalism was unheard then as today. Hence, I am confident to suggest that probably today’s tribalism in Caprivi (if it really exists) might similarly be a psychological creation by state.


Some people say, perhaps because of the negative impression potentially created by the media, that Caprivians are not united. In most cases, assumptions are that this said disunity is caused by tribalism while evidence (if there is) has never been so clear. I only hope it is not mistaken for nepotism, or unresolved tribal land disputes. Here, I define tribalism as discriminatory attitudes towards one another based on ethnic tribe.


Surely, tribalism must be a demon and whosoever is possessed with it need serious psychological deliverance. Remember the alleged horrors that Adolf Hitler performed on Jews in German concentration camps in the name of Nazi ideals of “racial purity”? Remember the genocide in Rwanda? Remember Kenya and Ivory Coast politically motivated tribal clashes?


I am not exaggerating what tribalism can do and I am not confirming that levels of tribalism in Caprivi are comparable to the examples given. I want to share my view on the issue with caution, attempting to unite the people of Caprivi by breaking down illusory barriers among us Caprivians, if tribalism is one of them. Reading and listening to opinions or news suggesting “tribalism is rife in Caprivi” must be thrilling. However, have we at any point thought if this said tribalism could be an illusion (propaganda), or a mere excuse for economic marginalization by the megalomaniacs?


Sincerely, there is need for a critical inquiry or study of tribalism in Caprivi before it can be seen as a serious hindrance to unity, development and freedom. The million dollar question is what if tribalism in Caprivi is an illusion, a social-political propaganda to cause permanent divisions and stagnation, an excuse for economic marginalization, and most importantly, what if it is real? A good lie can cause havoc if not studied well.


It is better to believe that we are united than believing the opposite. Some of our leaders are on record denouncing tribalism in Caprivi with a theory suggesting that Caprivi is under-developed because of tribalism and disunity. This might be true, but by implication, it means that roads in Katima Mulilo remain bumpy, slippery, potholed, and flooded because of tribalism. It also implies that tribalism among Caprivians is the reason why electricity blackout remain a weekly experience followed by water shortages. I cannot soberly take this excuse. This is a mere excuse for no development or economic marginalization in general.


Besides, why are the so called tribalists not reprimanded? Does the GRN sanction discriminatory attitudes and behaviors based on tribes? Some of you will agree with me, as I continue to argue here that tribalism in Caprivi is an illusion created by political leaders who would not want to see Caprivians united and developed, these are saboteurs and their masters. They find it to be a serious threat to their power should Caprivian men and women be united, as one.


Most of us know the concept “divide and rule” and can comprehend its nature and consequences very well. Tribalism propaganda can be one of the ways to sow the seed of divide and rule. This seed is sown in our hearts and minds making it very difficult to uproot when it begins to show up in our actions and language. Hence the only way out is to liberate our hearts and minds against all odd to think differently that we do not hate each other, we love each other and that we belong together. Luyemi Hamoho (Together we stand).


I understand that some of us could have seen and touched this so-called tribalism in one way or the other. These are direct victims and victors of this so-called tribalism. However, there is a possibility that, what they experienced is real tribalism but I am certain that tribalism does not happen in streets; neither in churches nor in schools or beer-halls, not even in political opposition parties but somewhere in SWAPO party and the SWAPO led institutions such as Regional and Town Councils. Trusting my memory, there was a time when it was reported in daily newspaper that at SWAPO meeting in Caprivi, members who attended were chanting “Viva Mafwe”, “Viva Masubiya”, “Down Mafwe”, “Down Masubiya”, etc. Last year, Dr. Sazita, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Katima Mulilo Town Council was ousted allegedly because of tribalism in the said institution. Those who might have seen and touched this so-called tribalism could have been in wrong places or say wrong institutions.


SWAPO is way too small than Caprivians; therefore tribalism in SWAPO must not be extrapolated or generalized to all people of Caprivi. Tribal jurisdiction differences must not be identified as tribalism, but jurisdiction conflict and I am sure that our chiefs can solve such conflicts, as cousins and responsible leaders. The problem is this good lie which suggests that they hate each other which creates unnecessary hostilities. I have seen many violent rivals reconciling. I have a conviction that our traditional leaders can settle their differences. We as well must reject the tribalism illusion. No doubt, the SWAPO led Government have deliberately mishandled this conflict to their political convenience.


Believe with me today that we are divided by propaganda, and we must unite against this propaganda. Surely we might be victims of a psychological warfare. Instances perceived as tribalism might be here and there but such cases have no real tribal ground or basis, but personal or political. Probably we mistaken nepotism with tribalism or deliberately choose the term tribalism to get a mass in-group support since nepotism has a smaller (or no) support group compared to tribalism. We might be also choosing tribalism because this is usually viewed as identity defense while nepotism is viewed as selfishness.


We are not different in any way and there is nothing so special to fight for against each other. We are all black with the same color of blood. Let us get out of this social trap. Let us take two steps outside this hostile social box. Let us reclaim unity, the LUYEMI HAMOHO legacy. No one should undermine our culture and identity of unity. We are all Caprivians first before we are Christian, Muslim, “patriotic” Namibian or SWAPO. SWAPO will one day go, but Caprivi shall forever be here. Our obligation in life must be to preserve our Caprivian natural society than anything else. We are the stewards of our nation. Let us not believe the disunity lie. We know that some of us have been conditioned to this lie and so do they behave. We know that some do it for political expediency and selfishness. Let us deliver them through serious deliberations. Tell them we are united, we are one. Tell them to defy and erase the madness thought of hate. Let us think differently.


Are we observing what is happening to western Caprivi Strip? We are failing to stand together against border shift because of the illusion that we hate each other. Now tell me, who is the winner in this border dispute with Kavango? Of course the winner is obviously Kavango or Namibia, and our Caprivi becomes a weeping looser. Caprivi must be wondering: WHERE ARE YOU MY SON, MY DAUGHTER? Caprivi is weeping for her natural environment and society disintegrating and warring out; her men and women in exile; her loved men in prison; her people divided by an illusion called tribalism!


Unity mends all cracks but division widens and deepens such cracks. You might not have realized, we have a lot in common than slight differences. It is only that we keep our slight differences closer to our hearts and minds than our similarities. Hence according to the rule of a thumb, our differences become magnified, greater and more important than our similarities. By “rule of a thumb” I mean your thumb is bigger than Kilimanjaro Mountain if closely placed in front of your eye while the mountain is at a distance. Many times we argue because we think we have a difference which may not even exist, tribalism is an example. Many times we fight on very tiny differences perceived to be big, tribalism is still an example. But bare out with me, we have many shared values such as traditional and political history, than differences. After all, Caprivi Strip soil and space belong to each and every one of us. I do not understand why tiny differences seem to be more important than our vast similarities.


Today, we are living in the Caprivi Strip secession political ideology era. No matter how different you think, especially the youth, on this one we must unite. Not because all of us subscribe to the secession ideology, neither because we do not subscribe to this ideology, nor because we have nothing to lose or gain. But we must unite because we all need, and must contribute to finding a lasting solution once and for all. We cannot claim activism, patriotism, political and academic excellence anywhere in the world if we fail to first claim that in Caprivi. We cannot claim unity anywhere or with any other society before we claim unity among ourselves, as Caprivians. Where is your education, religious and political leadership if you fail to call for a lasting solution in Caprivi, as a Caprivian or Namibian?


Gaze into the past, and the present and you will see over a thousand Caprivians in exile, an armed uprising. You will see ten Caprivian men sentenced on treason charges and about 18 corpses from political detention, their souls still in prison. You will see more than a hundred men on treason trial and in detention for the past twelve years while their family and direct dependents suffering socially, economically and psychologically. You will see a never developed Caprivi Strip and a high percentage of orphans and vulnerable children. You will see HIV prevalence record of 43% in Caprivi. The biggest question is for how long will this status quo continue to exist? Time to change is now by first changing our negative thoughts and attitudes against each other. That is to reject disunity lies. Remember that we will not only be judged for the bad we did but also the good we failed to do.


Everyone from east to west must come on board to work out a lasting solution. We need each other. If we have slight differences let us settle them now, in a mature and constructive manner. As Caprivians we are known for eating beef, not human flesh which means we can assemble together peacefully and speak out with one voice calling for a solution, a lasting one. Warring political sides must come together to compromise and reach consensus. This can only be achieved through dialogue or referendum. We live together and die together. Let us all join hands, reason together, and speak with one voice for an amicable solution to the Caprivi Strip secession bid, win or lose.


Caprivi Strip belongs to all Caprivians no matter how different we think, no matter our socio-economic status or educational level, to a certain extent we must agree to create a peaceful, united and developed society. Ignorance is very expensive and we are too poor to afford it.


In conclusion, do not forget that we are the architects, for better or worse, of our futures. Let us win this psychological warfare by defying the disunity illusion. Remember that we were Caprivians first before we were CANU politicians? Remember the signing of CANU petition to UN? Remember that we were Caprivians first before CANU-SWAPO merger? Caprivians were one. I tell you today, we are still one, LUYEMI HAMOHO. Tell the world, we are one blood, one nation.


By Manja Manja

Caprivi Nation


Builders of a Better Caprivi are Victimized

  Builders of a Better Caprivi are Victimized

Nicky N Muyahi

“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). “Democracy is not something you believe in or a place to hang your hat, but it’s something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles”, Abbie Hoffman. I shall never fear nor worship any human kind, I only fear and worship the one and only king of kings who continuously showers me with his blessing and giving me life to see tomorrow. I shall never let my feeling to control by my kind.


For how long shall we keep on with the unrest crime against humanity in Caprivi? We are people and entitled to love, hate, criticise where the government goes wrong. Is negatively commenting about Swapo led government a crime in Namibia? Do we always have to do and say things the way Swapo needs them to be done and said or say Swapo well done while in reality there is nothing or very little been done? I say no. I will do things that I believe in not what someone believes in, not what Swapo believe in. I shall never be part of those who sold or selling themselves cheaply to the led government, in various kinds of monetary way. If not being for Swapo’s political agenda and failing government policies, is a crime. I will be more than happy to be called a criminal on those grounds!


If we truly live in a democratic society, then we should start telling the truth as we see it. If we want to build a better Caprivi let us do so by; loving one another, respecting one another, burying down jealous, fighting down tribal discrimination, fighting down political discrimination,   Let’s come together as one. But to those who want to see Caprivi worse than it is now, they will in their ways and their powers eliminate productive personnel. That is an act of foolish men!


For how long will our people be in prison charged for high treason without any proper trail? Many in Caprivians have accepted that Swapo can do whatever it so wishes with Caprivians. This is an act of weak men!


Let us stand up and open the door to freedom for our fellow Caprivian. Fear is a symbol defeat, only weak men accept defeat. A really man fights till the end of the battle. The struggle for total freedom shall continue till the last Caprivian is out of prison and exiled are back home. No human kind shall stop the struggle before total freedom has been attained!


Roads in and around Katima Mulilo are in a status that is unacceptable, let me clear on that. The so called roads are as poor as the private roads we use when going to our kraals. Who is to blame for this, the government or the regional political leadership? The answer is right in front of our eyes but many choose to ignore it. The answer is; “the Swapo government is to blame”. The government and top regional political leadership is made up of Swapo members, these so called comrades have failed to deliver. Is there no any alternative solution to this crisis apart from voting them in power while they continuously fail to deliver and represent the Caprivian community on the national and international level? Transfer governance to poetical leaders who shall build a better Caprivi!


It’s high time; we better stand up for our humanitarian rights and build a better Caprivi, for the current and future generation without fear. “God helps those who help themselves” Hezekiah 6:1.  So is the international community. Building a better Caprivi is our responsibility. God bless Caprivi!


Children of the Liberation Struggle Protest in Katima

Children of the Liberation Struggle Protest in Katima

Children of the Liberation Struggle of Namibia on streets of Katima Mulilo Protesting, Febr

By Simon Liseli

ABOUT thirty (30) angry children of the liberation struggle of Namibia in the Caprivi region took a peaceful demonstration on February 9, 2012 against unfair recruitment and discrimination.


The petition was handed to the Acting Caprivi Governor Hon. Wardens Matengu Simushi a Councillor for Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency after waiting for him for an hour while standing under the sun in front of the governor’s office.
In their petition the liberation struggle children want to know why their names are being cancelled when sent to different line Ministries for recruitment.


They also mentioned that a very less number of the liberation struggle kids in the region are absorbed in Ministries such as Safety and Security in the department of NAMPOL, Correctional Services, Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Defence.


“We are nothing apart from being the children of the liberation struggle in Caprivi region and we want to know why is it that when we want to find out about our plight in different government offices they use vulgar words like you are uneducated people stop troubling us in our offices, you take the country as yours, do you think you are so special?” they said in their petition.


The children further said they want to know as to whom their plights should be attended to as they claim that whenever they approach the Regional Youth Office in Katima Mulilo for assistance, a certain Mr. Mcbollen Sibeso used to tell them that he does not deal with politics without knowing whether the issue of struggle kids is politics.


The Youth Ministry sent about 120 names of them to the Ministry of Health and Social Services and other names were removed from the list by officials within the Ministry leaving only 80 and from 80 only 11 were employed.


“They should tell us the recruitment procedures for recruiting the liberation struggle kids because we need to know and we are being discriminated against from all youth in the region, if there are no jobs we demand the government to assist us financially so that we start up our businesses,” they said.


They have also called upon the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the founding father of the Namibian nation Dr. Sam Nujoma in his capacity as a patron of the Namibian existed kids association to look into the matter and further demanded an answer for their petition before the 18th of February 2012.

Receiving the petition Hon. Simushi passed his apology to the children of the liberation struggle for taking their time as he was out of the office. He informed them that as the acting governor he was sympathy with the situation on the ground and he promised to present the petition to the governor the time he will be in the office as he was out of the region and discuss the matter, “We will also invite those relevant Ministries you have mentioned in your petition and find out the reality,” he said.


The Acting Governor further told the children that the information he has is that among the children who were born in exile the Ministry of Safety already absorbs some of them and Security while others are short listed to go for interviews.


“We are going to look into the matter to see whether what you are saying is the reality so I really have sympathy with you as you have indicated that you are giving this petition up to the 18th of February, we will discuss about it and come back to you” he furthered.



Ms.Mavis Kapelwa, the Deputy Chairperson of the Namibian Exile Kids Association in Caprivi region who directed the demonstration added saying she was wondering why Hon. Simushi left the office while he was given a notice that there will be a demonstration on the 9th February in the morning but rather he walked out of the office shortly after 9 o’clock when the demonstration started.


“What does that mean, is it not the corruption we are talking in this region? corruption in this region is there” she said.


Ms. Kapelwa pointed out that the names of the children of the liberation struggle are put aside without valid reasons, “At the hospital 120 names were sent there but only 80 qualified, can you tell us even cleaners they now need to have qualifications and they use words to us like you people are not educated, on your places we will put our families and friends you are just troubling yourself” she quashed.


She further said at the Ministry of Works about five (5) kids of the liberation struggle in 2010 got work and names were sent to the regional office in Katima Mulilo but the man who was in charge just hide the list, “Its only our list that got lost in his office, his papers didn’t what is that? Is it because we are children of the struggle? Education, Agriculture and other Ministries they do the same, what is happening,” she lamented.


The petition was read and handed over to Mr.Simushi by Mr. Morris Muyoyeta one of the children of struggle.

CAPTION: Children of the Liberation Struggle of Namibia on streets of Katima Mulilo Protesting, February 9, 2012.

Campaign for financial support – Caprivi Strip Case

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:                                                                                                                                      

United Democratic Party (UDP)


Campaign for financial support – Caprivi Strip Case


On behalf of all people of the Caprivi, at home and in exile, under the United Democratic Party (UDP), we do hereby request for funds to take the Caprivi Strip Case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).


The Caprivi Case is a matter of freedom and independence from Namibia. From 1990 Caprivians have been brutally murdered, tortured, arrested, and detained by the Namibian regime for at least twelve years now. Many fled the country to Botswana and many other countries. Numerous attempts to resolve the case including a referendum were suggested to the Namibian government, but it met people with deaf ears. We have now found a lawyer to help in this matter but we are lacking in terms of finance. The Lawyer and we have come up with a Trust Account.


It is imperative that as sympathizers and donors be informed that the money we request is for humanitarian purposes and to take the Caprivi Strip Case to the International Court of justice (ICJ). Should you want to help Caprivians in this matter, please, kindly wire the money by going through the provided DONATE button on the menu bar or at the link below.


Your support in this matter will be highly appreciated.




Mishake Muyongo




United Democratic Party (UDP)


Phone: 011 4545 963290

Fax: 011 4545 963290


State closes treason case


Judge Elton Hoff


THE prosecution’s case in the main Caprivi high treason trial was closed in the High Court at Windhoek Central Prison yesterday.



A major milestone in the marathon trial, which is the longest trial in Namibia’s history, was passed yesterday morning when Deputy Prosecutor General Taswald July announced, with no fanfare or prior warning: “At this stage the State wishes to inform the court, counsel and the accused that this concludes the State’s case.”
After the court had adjourned a few minutes later, the announcement was cheered by the men in the dock in the courtroom.
The prosecution closed its case after the testimony of its 379th witness in the main part of the trial, Police Detective Warrant Officer Eimo Popyeinawa, was concluded yesterday morning.
The end of the trial, of which the first stage started in the High Court at Grootfontein in late October 2003, is still not in sight, though.
On behalf of the defence team, defence counsel Jonathan Samukange informed Judge Elton Hoff that the defence would now apply for the discharge of the accused after the closing of the State’s case.
Judge Hoff would then have to give a ruling on that application. If he decides not to acquit the 112 remaining accused persons at that stage of the trial, the accused would have to present the case in their defence to the court, before a final verdict would be given.
The 112 men remaining on trial before Judge Hoff are being prosecuted on a total of 278 charges – including a count of high treason, nine counts of murder and 240 charges of attempted murder – in connection with an alleged conspiracy to secede the Caprivi Region from Namibia between January 1992 and December 2002.
Most of the accused have been in custody for more than twelve years already. Nineteen of the people who had been charged in the matter have died in custody so far.
The hearing of oral arguments on the defence’s discharge application is scheduled to start on September 3. In the meantime, the defence and the prosecution will have to prepare written arguments and file these with the court.
In doing that, testimony delivered by the 379 prosecution witnesses who have testified in the main part of the trial since August 2004 would have to be revisited and considered. Revisiting all of the testimony heard during the trial would in itself be a mammoth task, with the record of proceedings in the trial running over some 35 000 typewritten pages at this stage.
“It’s not going to be a walk in the park,” Samukange remarked about the preparations to be done for the arguments on the defence’s discharge bid when he addressed Judge Hoff yesterday.
In terms of the Criminal Procedure Act an accused person is entitled to be discharged at the end of the prosecution’s case in a trial if there is no evidence before the court that the accused committed the offences he is charged with.
Namibia’s courts have interpreted “no evidence” as being no evidence upon which a reasonable court, acting carefully, may convict the accused person.
The hearing of testimony in the trial started on August 23 2004 when July – who also announced the end of the prosecution’s case yesterday – told the court in an opening address that the prosecution would endeavour to prove that the armed rebellion which took place in the Caprivi Region on August 2 1999 was premeditated with the aim of overthrowing the legitimate government of Namibia in that region.
“The State will show that the armed secession in the Caprivi Region was planned by the political leadership of the United Democratic Party, executed by the soldiers of the Caprivi Liberation Army, and supported by those who had similar aims and objectives of seceding Caprivi from the rest of Namibia by military means,” July said at that time.
He also told the court: “The State will lead evidence during this trial that will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that each of the accused, having acted individually and collectively, committed criminal acts against a sovereign state, the Republic of Namibia, under the pretext of seeking political emancipation from Namibia. This objective was to have been achieved through the use of violence.”
Whether the prosecution has achieved what it set out to prove almost seven and a half years ago will be at the heart of the arguments to be heard from September 3


Children of the Liberation Struggle Cry foul

Ms. Bennitha Sameja, Secretary , Ms. Mavis Kapelwa ,Deputy Chairperson and Mr. Kenneth Muhongo, Regional Chairperson


CHILDREN who were born in exile during the liberation struggle of Namibia plan to stage a peaceful Demonstration on February 9, 2012 in Katima Mulilo.


Speaking to Caprivi Vision, three executive members of the Namibian Exile Kids Association (NEKA) in the Caprivi Region confirmed that they would march the streets of Katima Mulilo from the Katima Mulilo Open Market to the Caprivi Regional Council where they will hand over the petition to the Caprivi Regional Governor, Honourable Lawrence Sampofu.


“We want to stage a peaceful demonstration to uproot corruption and these people are busy hiding our names and they don’t consider us to be important people,” said Ms. Mavis Kapelwa(26) the Deputy Chairperson.


“ We have proved this since 2010, five (5) names were given to Mr. Situnda for recruitment of any post in the Ministry of Works and Transport in Caprivi but later said the list got lost ” said Ms. Kapelwa.


Mr. Kenneth Muhongo ( 28), Regional Chairperson of NEKA , the son of the retired soldier Mr. Leonard Muhongo also divulged to this paper that the list was only broadcasted once and only two people heard their names on NBC local radio station.


He alleged that it is too hard for them to get opportunities since the recruitment of the Namibian Police only took three trainees out of fifteen.


“ We will hand over the petition to the governor who will then forward it to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Youth and the Chairperson of the Namibian Exile Kids Association Dr. Sam Nujoma ” said Ms. Kapelwa a daughter to the late James Kapelwa, former major of the Namibia Defence Force who died in 2003.


The secretary for NEKA in the Caprivi Region, Ms. Bennitha Sameja (23) a daughter to the late Joseph Sameja who died in 2011 as a Captain in the Namibia Defence Force who completed her Grade 12 last year added that “I need Job we were 22 and 11 are still roaming”.


“ Why are they hating us much, we have to get those jobs because our parents fought for this land, they say we are not educated, we will continue struggling until we get jobs”


The first demonstration of the Children of the liberation struggle was first held in 2009 countrywide.


Contacted for comments, an official Ms. Magdalena Nashilongo in the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture who spoke on behalf of the Permanent Secretary Dr. Peingeondjabi Shipoh who was locked up for ministerial meetings told Caprivi Vision that her Ministry is only responsible in registering Children of the Liberation Struggle and has so far embarked in the programme that will create a balance among the unemployed Kids of the struggle who have qualifications and those who do not have proper educational qualification to benefit equally in the National Service Scheme.


Ms. Nashilongo further added that the recruitment is being done by various line ministries where the applicants at the time of registration made their own choices.


CAPTION: Ms. Bennitha Sameja, Secretary , Ms. Mavis Kapelwa ,Deputy Chairperson and Mr. Kenneth Muhongo, Regional Chairperson of NEKA Vist Caprivi Vision Offices