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Historical facts and my analysis in relation to our case, the Caprivi.

Historical facts and my analysis in relation to our case, the Caprivi.     20-08-12  

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Dear webmaster


Allow me to share my knowledge, understanding and experience on some of the events that took place a long time ago in some other parts of the world that were and still are in much more similar situations as we are in the Caprivi today.


The following may be some of the few examples to cement our struggle and to inspire us in our efforts to find a lasting solution to our anguish and pain at the end of the day.


They may have happened a long time somewhat, but are still vivid and relevant to our time, they tell us of how innocent people were made suffer, by powerful people and their Governments. Which I strongly feel is the case for us today in our own Caprivi.


In 1919 India, about 10000 people peacefully demonstrated against British rule, and the British responded harshly by shooting at the crowd who meant nothing but peace and 379 people died and the British general, said he had taught them a moral lesson, this led to people responding not with violence but with a campaign of non-cooperation but again the British did not take it well and so arrested Gandhi but the arrest was short lived and he was released, and Gandhi called it a moral victory.


The question is who was correct and who was at fault the British or Gandhi. The British armed forces were at fault no matter what, really blessed are those that realise there mistake(s) and rectify it, so the Namibian GRN’S approach to the Caprivi case and its people is immoral, evaluate your selves because we definitely need a solution now. (Inspired by the great debaters of Harvard University and Wiley Collage, 1935)

Just to refresh your minds too with a few other historical examples based on the great debaters of 1935 Wiley Collage of the USA, they said, in the 18th century during the slave trade era, black Americans were being Lynched, were made suffer, brutally murdered and a lot more evils just because they wanted equal rights or civil rights as their white fellows, not only that but were forbidden to register for birth certificates.


Some were burnt to death while other white people cheered and looked on, but the question that negroes asked was what were the crime(s) of their brothers to deserve such cruelty without mercy from another God’s creature(s)as if they owned this world, and they (negroes) said no meter what happened the criminal was the white mob, and felt as long as they treated them in the way they did they would fight for their life and rights too.


The same question comes to GRN today, to tell us why we are made to suffer harshly with no mercy, GRN ,your morals people are gone if ever you had any. Do you own us or who gave you Caprivi and it people, could it be the almighty God? No I doubt because if so God is democratic hence Satan was never destroyed for well-planned and successful rebellious moves in heaven, but rather given a choice to choose from right and wrong.


Furthermore, St Augustine in ancient times once said an unjust law is no law at all.


Now my question is how just are the Namibian laws against the innocent so called Caprivi treason suspects, and what crimes have they committed that they be ill-treated as such even by so called courts of laws. Compatriots we say, we the Caprivi people will not let our own blood perish in prison for nothing because of unjust laws by an undemocratic GRN. For 13 years now our fellow citizens have been suspects, what kind of a suspect stays 13 years with no conviction or bailout.


Another example is that of a vicious slave master who lived in the West Indies, it is said some other slave masters had difficulty controlling their slaves, so they decided to call for Mr Lynch to come teach them his methods, and his theory was that keep the slave physically strong and psychologically weak and dependent to the slave master (he Lynch) called it, the (keep the body and take the mind approach. hence his brute vicious styles were named after him, as Lynch, or Lynching.


Meaning black Americans (Negroes) were made stronger enough to be useful for maximum production, but deprived the right to education as their white fellows, and thus making it difficult for them to be self-reliant and competitive persons as per their white fellows on the professional job market, in a land of opportunities.


e.g. Walter Rodney in his book titled “How Europe Under developed Africa, i.e. said for maximum production on the farms and other industries for national projects and infrastructural development, the African fellow(s) were taken to school to learn only how to operate machinery for high level production and to maximise profit, e.g. farm worker were leant how to operate a tractor or how to mix manure/fertilisers in the absence of the white slave master.


The other point worth mentioning by him Walter is also that, health maters were not an issue either, because medication was only vital when a trained machine operator fell sick due to hard labour in hash conditions, so to keep the slave fit for work a doctor had to be in the picture.


This is echoed by the holocaust of the 1930s-1940s, where back in those years scientific studies were conducted at some stage among some African and Jewish, and it was proven according to the reports on the studies that the blacks and the Jews were the lowest form of human species and as such it never mattered whether they died or lived, hence the persecution of the Jewish people and Africans to some extent by the deemed superiors (whites) at that time.


All the above premise occurred in ancient time, but is relevant to our situation today in Caprivi, and will remain a great source of living material for as long as we live.Swapo is playing the superior down here as were some white fellows anciently, to them the Caprivians are a form of low human black specie(s) somewhat; and as such solving a Caprivi problem is out of the picture, hence keeping fellow humans as suspects for 13 years, locked up in prison, not worrying if they die or live, just as was the Holocaust.


Caprivians are active in all corners of Namibia, to help develop it (Namibia) when the contrary is happening in Caprivi, e.g the Zambezi river is the biggest in Namibia but not even one of the country’s major green projects are here, the biggest we have is the Kalimbeza rice project with only about 28 hectors in focus, it’s a fact that the 28h may not even be enough to feed Kalimbeza village, why? The answer is yours to find out, but the truth is we are being used just as were the slaves during the Stone Age.

GRN has put fear in us, (we are being Lynched) such that we are unable to fight for our rights and the moral rights of our imprisoned and exiled brothers and sisters. GRN is lynching our brothers and us by all their immoral and vicious ways and yet we watch the dragon show. We let our brothers die in prison without trail and yet we accept to be forced with no say to vote Swapo into power when yet we are hating deep inside our hearts and minds, Some were made wait for 13 years in prison just to be told you are free, what on earth is that?


Swapo has taken our minds and gave us our bodies back (just like the vicious slave masters did to our African brothers),”with keep the body take the mind” as the slogan/ order of the day, and that is visible when one of the suspects dies, they bring back the body, why do they bring back the body of the dead when they could not bring them back when alive. They remain controlling the minds of other suspects in prison and us relatives at home, a very sad and unbearable situation for us.


At times, I wonder as to what people we once thought were true brothers keep asking for e.g. Muchali and his pardoning story. People were tortured, killed some even brutally butchered like the late, (Chainda and the in low at Sibbinda) not only brutally killing them but bodies have gone missing from the state mortuary, many more still are detained for more than 13 years now as suspects, and you talk of amnesty, when others have mysteriously perished what a mockery and backward are you my dear.


Your statements indicate that you are still living in the past, asking for amnesty means a big insult to our fallen heroes/heroines as they can’t  afford to die without record/ for nothing.


My loving brother we can not afford to go back to the slave trade era were our brothers in America (negroes) just a few miles from where you are, where they at some stage were not allowed to register for birth certification, meaning they had to lie about their birth for the rest of their lives, we in Caprivi don’t want that we want our brothers and sisters certified as either dead or born not just missing without record or trace. And this would mean to let loose the people (enemy)GRN and her armed forces, who killed,tortured,wrongfully arrested and displaced people like you, so their actions definitely need to be exposed to the outside world, in that way we will have done real justice to people and shall be a great about our own professional personality.


Who must show remorse the victims us Caprivians or the perpetrators GRN and Nuyoma.How do I show remorse when I am dying instead of my killer. That line of your specious argument is really becoming a huge speck of garbage to our broad spectrum, far from what is the case today your line of reasoning does not do us well. Being in exile far away from home has made you forget where you came from, or are you saying you now want to advocate the, P.W.Bothas policy that of “adapt to apartheid or die”? Do you remember how you broke our OPD window at Katima hospital that year; was it not the poor reception and service at the said hospital that prompted you to do so? On the other hand, was it mere vandalism!


Believe me it is better for those with medical aid for they can run to the private doctors for help and what about the non-professional on the street.


Alternatively, do you think things have changed after your departure? What miracle do you think has happened? Things are worse than you think, our opposition have become underdogs, now that we have no stronger opposition since Swapo is playing silent dictatorship, and those days are no longer! When we had the great Muyongo and the almighty DTA in progress/focus to our mercy and rescue, hence your sympathetic approach you (Muchali) to the old men at that time and even now, you claim you want home when for sure you know you just can’t go against the old men for you know he is great and on track. Moreover, certainly you cannot afford to loose or challenge his wise ness.


We just hope what you are doing is an illusory and not to propagandize for the enemy because if so then you are totally wasted by your own illusions, please stop talking evil about our Muyongo for he is innocent and simply a good Samaritan who wants save us the blind, our saviour and that you know’ are in a better picture than me.


You strongly opposed Theo Ben Gurirab on his classification of the late Andreas Shipanga, and for once I thought you understood well about the evils of the struggle and you certainly have been so lucky not to have been exposed to such experiences despite your Andreas Shipanga styles allegiance, believe it or not, if it were during the struggle for Swapo you would have already gone missing (Lubango dungeons).


But you are so lucky because the movement is matured and democratic enough, you think people like what you are doing its a shame on you, as people are only surprised by your canning Satanic character, you will be surprised to realise that you will be operating the soloist style, when others say no men is an Island, you (Muchali keep chanting saying,” I AM AN ISLAND I AM AN ISLAND”).


Let us open our minds (Muchali included) take stoke of ourselves and mature to our years, and help solve our own problems.


Therefore, the time for justice is always now, when you are still alive because it seems like Namibia does not have an answer to the Caprivi issue or then when will justice come?


Some Russian officials once said according to a movie titled Transsiberia, that: In the soviet days they were people living in the darkness and that, they today are people dying in the light.


I strongly feel the same is applicable to us today in Caprivi we were a people living in the dark before 1989, but are now people dying in the light too, just like the Soviets.



Caprivi concerned, Mutu Wa Batu.