• Appeals for funds from the international community, individuals, and groups dedicated and committed to human rights and justice.
  • Oppose the fact that Caprivian Detainees had been in Namibian prisons for 10 years now without trial.
  • Appeals to the International Community to help stop the killings of Caprivian detainees, by the Namibian government, while in their prisons.
  • Acknowledge that Caprivian people through the United Democratic Party (UDP) continue to pursue the Caprivi case; to attain a peaceful resolution through the International Court at The Hague.
  • Appeals to people with highest hearts for humanitarian aid, to help resolve this long overdue case once and for all.
  • Believe that the Capivi Strip, is like a concentration camp closed from the international community or world, where no foreigners are allowed to travel at liberty.
  • We fear for our people who continue to be psychologically tortured, marginalized, underdeveloped, and killed by the Namibian regime.
  • CAJAN appeal for justice and human dignity in the Caprivi for all her people.
  • CAJAN believes, if we get justice we get peace; if we get peace we get freedom.
  • CAJAN is resolved to remain committed in contacting Governments, United Nations, Non-profit organizations, civil societies, Human rights, and Christian groups about our case and the plight of our people.

CAJAN- sincerely appreciates and thanks respected international and local or regional nongovernmental and intergovernmental bodies who continue to chronicle the plight and suffering of the Caprivian people:

  • Amnesty International have continued reporting about the Caprivi Case right from its onset
  • Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) continues with its neutral observational status on the Caprivi High Treason Trial in Namibia
  • Namibian Society for Human Rights (Namrights- NSHR) continues to be a good partner in reporting and exposing the human right violations against our people, committed by the Namibian Government, from the genesis to present.
  • Ditshwanelo, a Human right organization in Botswana continues to be a sturdy advocate for the Caprivi justice and peaceful resolution, given the presence of Caprivians in their Country’s Dukwi Refugee Camp run by the United Nations through UNHCR
  • The United Nations Human Right (UNHCR) body continues to chronicle and advocate for a peaceful resolution of the Caprivi Case. http://www.unhcr.org/refworld/country,,AMNESTY,,NAM,456d621e2,3f4dcd620,0.html
  • However, while the world looks aside, the scale of justice continues to evade the peace loving people of the Caprivi Strip.

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