Builders of a Better Caprivi are Victimized

  Builders of a Better Caprivi are Victimized

Nicky N Muyahi

“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). “Democracy is not something you believe in or a place to hang your hat, but it’s something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles”, Abbie Hoffman. I shall never fear nor worship any human kind, I only fear and worship the one and only king of kings who continuously showers me with his blessing and giving me life to see tomorrow. I shall never let my feeling to control by my kind.


For how long shall we keep on with the unrest crime against humanity in Caprivi? We are people and entitled to love, hate, criticise where the government goes wrong. Is negatively commenting about Swapo led government a crime in Namibia? Do we always have to do and say things the way Swapo needs them to be done and said or say Swapo well done while in reality there is nothing or very little been done? I say no. I will do things that I believe in not what someone believes in, not what Swapo believe in. I shall never be part of those who sold or selling themselves cheaply to the led government, in various kinds of monetary way. If not being for Swapo’s political agenda and failing government policies, is a crime. I will be more than happy to be called a criminal on those grounds!


If we truly live in a democratic society, then we should start telling the truth as we see it. If we want to build a better Caprivi let us do so by; loving one another, respecting one another, burying down jealous, fighting down tribal discrimination, fighting down political discrimination,   Let’s come together as one. But to those who want to see Caprivi worse than it is now, they will in their ways and their powers eliminate productive personnel. That is an act of foolish men!


For how long will our people be in prison charged for high treason without any proper trail? Many in Caprivians have accepted that Swapo can do whatever it so wishes with Caprivians. This is an act of weak men!


Let us stand up and open the door to freedom for our fellow Caprivian. Fear is a symbol defeat, only weak men accept defeat. A really man fights till the end of the battle. The struggle for total freedom shall continue till the last Caprivian is out of prison and exiled are back home. No human kind shall stop the struggle before total freedom has been attained!


Roads in and around Katima Mulilo are in a status that is unacceptable, let me clear on that. The so called roads are as poor as the private roads we use when going to our kraals. Who is to blame for this, the government or the regional political leadership? The answer is right in front of our eyes but many choose to ignore it. The answer is; “the Swapo government is to blame”. The government and top regional political leadership is made up of Swapo members, these so called comrades have failed to deliver. Is there no any alternative solution to this crisis apart from voting them in power while they continuously fail to deliver and represent the Caprivian community on the national and international level? Transfer governance to poetical leaders who shall build a better Caprivi!


It’s high time; we better stand up for our humanitarian rights and build a better Caprivi, for the current and future generation without fear. “God helps those who help themselves” Hezekiah 6:1.  So is the international community. Building a better Caprivi is our responsibility. God bless Caprivi!