Campaign for Financial Support-Caprivi Strip Case

Imagine spending every moment of your life in constant fear. Fear of harassment, fear of being arrested, fear of torture, or even death. Your entire adulthood or even your entire lifetime spent worrying whether today will be your last day. This is what countless Caprivians have suffered over the last 20 years at the hands of the Namibian regime. Some Caprivians remained in their home country while others fled to Botswana and surrounding countries. The heartache for all involved has ripped entire families apart.

Our numerous attempts to bring freedom and independence of the Caprivi people from the Namibian government were unanswered, no more important than the trash on the street. We will go unheard no longer. We have found a lawyer that is ready to make our voices heard and make others take notice of the heinous crimes that have taken place. We are put forth on this mission under the United Democratic Party on behalf of the entire population of Caprivi people.

Our lawyer is ready and willing to move forward, however, we are lacking the necessary funding to follow through with the numerous procedures and court hearings needed to take the Caprivi Strip Case to the International Court of Justice. It is out of necessity that we are asking for help in funding our court case. Thousands have suffered, are suffering and they deserve justice. The money that we are requesting is solely to present the Caprivi Strip Case to the International Court of Justice. Please do not let the opportunity to help fall by the wayside.

By taking a few moments to click the DONATE button below you can help gain freedom and independence for an entire race of people. Your support, no matter how great or how small, is highly appreciated.


Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)
Phone: 011 4545 963290
Fax: 011 4545 963290

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