Historical facts and my analysis in relation to our case, the Caprivi.

Historical facts and my analysis in relation to our case, the Caprivi.     20-08-12  

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Dear webmaster


Allow me to share my knowledge, understanding and experience on some of the events that took place a long time ago in some other parts of the world that were and still are in much more similar situations as we are in the Caprivi today.


The following may be some of the few examples to cement our struggle and to inspire us in our efforts to find a lasting solution to our anguish and pain at the end of the day.


They may have happened a long time somewhat, but are still vivid and relevant to our time, they tell us of how innocent people were made suffer, by powerful people and their Governments. Which I strongly feel is the case for us today in our own Caprivi.


In 1919 India, about 10000 people peacefully demonstrated against British rule, and the British responded harshly by shooting at the crowd who meant nothing but peace and 379 people died and the British general, said he had taught them a moral lesson, this led to people responding not with violence but with a campaign of non-cooperation but again the British did not take it well and so arrested Gandhi but the arrest was short lived and he was released, and Gandhi called it a moral victory.


The question is who was correct and who was at fault the British or Gandhi. The British armed forces were at fault no matter what, really blessed are those that realise there mistake(s) and rectify it, so the Namibian GRN’S approach to the Caprivi case and its people is immoral, evaluate your selves because we definitely need a solution now. (Inspired by the great debaters of Harvard University and Wiley Collage, 1935)

Just to refresh your minds too with a few other historical examples based on the great debaters of 1935 Wiley Collage of the USA, they said, in the 18th century during the slave trade era, black Americans were being Lynched, were made suffer, brutally murdered and a lot more evils just because they wanted equal rights or civil rights as their white fellows, not only that but were forbidden to register for birth certificates.


Some were burnt to death while other white people cheered and looked on, but the question that negroes asked was what were the crime(s) of their brothers to deserve such cruelty without mercy from another God’s creature(s)as if they owned this world, and they (negroes) said no meter what happened the criminal was the white mob, and felt as long as they treated them in the way they did they would fight for their life and rights too.


The same question comes to GRN today, to tell us why we are made to suffer harshly with no mercy, GRN ,your morals people are gone if ever you had any. Do you own us or who gave you Caprivi and it people, could it be the almighty God? No I doubt because if so God is democratic hence Satan was never destroyed for well-planned and successful rebellious moves in heaven, but rather given a choice to choose from right and wrong.


Furthermore, St Augustine in ancient times once said an unjust law is no law at all.


Now my question is how just are the Namibian laws against the innocent so called Caprivi treason suspects, and what crimes have they committed that they be ill-treated as such even by so called courts of laws. Compatriots we say, we the Caprivi people will not let our own blood perish in prison for nothing because of unjust laws by an undemocratic GRN. For 13 years now our fellow citizens have been suspects, what kind of a suspect stays 13 years with no conviction or bailout.


Another example is that of a vicious slave master who lived in the West Indies, it is said some other slave masters had difficulty controlling their slaves, so they decided to call for Mr Lynch to come teach them his methods, and his theory was that keep the slave physically strong and psychologically weak and dependent to the slave master (he Lynch) called it, the (keep the body and take the mind approach. hence his brute vicious styles were named after him, as Lynch, or Lynching.


Meaning black Americans (Negroes) were made stronger enough to be useful for maximum production, but deprived the right to education as their white fellows, and thus making it difficult for them to be self-reliant and competitive persons as per their white fellows on the professional job market, in a land of opportunities.


e.g. Walter Rodney in his book titled “How Europe Under developed Africa, i.e. said for maximum production on the farms and other industries for national projects and infrastructural development, the African fellow(s) were taken to school to learn only how to operate machinery for high level production and to maximise profit, e.g. farm worker were leant how to operate a tractor or how to mix manure/fertilisers in the absence of the white slave master.


The other point worth mentioning by him Walter is also that, health maters were not an issue either, because medication was only vital when a trained machine operator fell sick due to hard labour in hash conditions, so to keep the slave fit for work a doctor had to be in the picture.


This is echoed by the holocaust of the 1930s-1940s, where back in those years scientific studies were conducted at some stage among some African and Jewish, and it was proven according to the reports on the studies that the blacks and the Jews were the lowest form of human species and as such it never mattered whether they died or lived, hence the persecution of the Jewish people and Africans to some extent by the deemed superiors (whites) at that time.


All the above premise occurred in ancient time, but is relevant to our situation today in Caprivi, and will remain a great source of living material for as long as we live.Swapo is playing the superior down here as were some white fellows anciently, to them the Caprivians are a form of low human black specie(s) somewhat; and as such solving a Caprivi problem is out of the picture, hence keeping fellow humans as suspects for 13 years, locked up in prison, not worrying if they die or live, just as was the Holocaust.


Caprivians are active in all corners of Namibia, to help develop it (Namibia) when the contrary is happening in Caprivi, e.g the Zambezi river is the biggest in Namibia but not even one of the country’s major green projects are here, the biggest we have is the Kalimbeza rice project with only about 28 hectors in focus, it’s a fact that the 28h may not even be enough to feed Kalimbeza village, why? The answer is yours to find out, but the truth is we are being used just as were the slaves during the Stone Age.

GRN has put fear in us, (we are being Lynched) such that we are unable to fight for our rights and the moral rights of our imprisoned and exiled brothers and sisters. GRN is lynching our brothers and us by all their immoral and vicious ways and yet we watch the dragon show. We let our brothers die in prison without trail and yet we accept to be forced with no say to vote Swapo into power when yet we are hating deep inside our hearts and minds, Some were made wait for 13 years in prison just to be told you are free, what on earth is that?


Swapo has taken our minds and gave us our bodies back (just like the vicious slave masters did to our African brothers),”with keep the body take the mind” as the slogan/ order of the day, and that is visible when one of the suspects dies, they bring back the body, why do they bring back the body of the dead when they could not bring them back when alive. They remain controlling the minds of other suspects in prison and us relatives at home, a very sad and unbearable situation for us.


At times, I wonder as to what people we once thought were true brothers keep asking for e.g. Muchali and his pardoning story. People were tortured, killed some even brutally butchered like the late, (Chainda and the in low at Sibbinda) not only brutally killing them but bodies have gone missing from the state mortuary, many more still are detained for more than 13 years now as suspects, and you talk of amnesty, when others have mysteriously perished what a mockery and backward are you my dear.


Your statements indicate that you are still living in the past, asking for amnesty means a big insult to our fallen heroes/heroines as they can’t  afford to die without record/ for nothing.


My loving brother we can not afford to go back to the slave trade era were our brothers in America (negroes) just a few miles from where you are, where they at some stage were not allowed to register for birth certification, meaning they had to lie about their birth for the rest of their lives, we in Caprivi don’t want that we want our brothers and sisters certified as either dead or born not just missing without record or trace. And this would mean to let loose the people (enemy)GRN and her armed forces, who killed,tortured,wrongfully arrested and displaced people like you, so their actions definitely need to be exposed to the outside world, in that way we will have done real justice to people and shall be a great about our own professional personality.


Who must show remorse the victims us Caprivians or the perpetrators GRN and Nuyoma.How do I show remorse when I am dying instead of my killer. That line of your specious argument is really becoming a huge speck of garbage to our broad spectrum, far from what is the case today your line of reasoning does not do us well. Being in exile far away from home has made you forget where you came from, or are you saying you now want to advocate the, P.W.Bothas policy that of “adapt to apartheid or die”? Do you remember how you broke our OPD window at Katima hospital that year; was it not the poor reception and service at the said hospital that prompted you to do so? On the other hand, was it mere vandalism!


Believe me it is better for those with medical aid for they can run to the private doctors for help and what about the non-professional on the street.


Alternatively, do you think things have changed after your departure? What miracle do you think has happened? Things are worse than you think, our opposition have become underdogs, now that we have no stronger opposition since Swapo is playing silent dictatorship, and those days are no longer! When we had the great Muyongo and the almighty DTA in progress/focus to our mercy and rescue, hence your sympathetic approach you (Muchali) to the old men at that time and even now, you claim you want home when for sure you know you just can’t go against the old men for you know he is great and on track. Moreover, certainly you cannot afford to loose or challenge his wise ness.


We just hope what you are doing is an illusory and not to propagandize for the enemy because if so then you are totally wasted by your own illusions, please stop talking evil about our Muyongo for he is innocent and simply a good Samaritan who wants save us the blind, our saviour and that you know’ are in a better picture than me.


You strongly opposed Theo Ben Gurirab on his classification of the late Andreas Shipanga, and for once I thought you understood well about the evils of the struggle and you certainly have been so lucky not to have been exposed to such experiences despite your Andreas Shipanga styles allegiance, believe it or not, if it were during the struggle for Swapo you would have already gone missing (Lubango dungeons).


But you are so lucky because the movement is matured and democratic enough, you think people like what you are doing its a shame on you, as people are only surprised by your canning Satanic character, you will be surprised to realise that you will be operating the soloist style, when others say no men is an Island, you (Muchali keep chanting saying,” I AM AN ISLAND I AM AN ISLAND”).


Let us open our minds (Muchali included) take stoke of ourselves and mature to our years, and help solve our own problems.


Therefore, the time for justice is always now, when you are still alive because it seems like Namibia does not have an answer to the Caprivi issue or then when will justice come?


Some Russian officials once said according to a movie titled Transsiberia, that: In the soviet days they were people living in the darkness and that, they today are people dying in the light.


I strongly feel the same is applicable to us today in Caprivi we were a people living in the dark before 1989, but are now people dying in the light too, just like the Soviets.



Caprivi concerned, Mutu Wa Batu.  



Caprivians Concerned Group’s – Open Letter to the Prime Minister

OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER                                                                                

Caprivi Concerned Group Representatives' Council - CAPRIVI STRIP



22 July 2012


Honorable Nahas Angula

The Prime Minister

Republic of Namibia

Private Bag 13338

Dear Sir,


  1. We read your response, with grace and appreciation, in Namibian Sun newspaper of Thursday 07 June 2012, to our major civil demands which are: a) a political dialogue between President Hifikepunye Pohamba and Mishake Muyongo, b) an unconditional release of all Caprivi political prisoners, and c) a referendum on Caprivi political dispute.


  1. However, from our point of view, your response raises a number of questions which urgently need clarity to clear the path, and to inform the public towards reaching mutual interest of finding a lasting peaceful solution to the Caprivi political dispute.


  1. We assure you and the public that our effort or call for a peaceful solution does not only go to the government of Namibia but equally to the leadership of the United Democratic Party (UDP).


  1. We know and understand that there is currently no direct communication between government and UDP, of which such a communication would even make things much easier between the two for the sake of the people and peace.


  1. We are happy that, in the absence of direct communication however, the leadership of UDP, through its president promptly responded in the Namibian newspaper of 14 June 2012, to the condition set by Government of Namibia and announced by you, Hon. Angula, the Prime Minister.


  1. Having heard no comment or answer from Government for over a month now since UDP’s response, as concerned people who issued the demands; it is our duty and responsibility to follow up these demands to support a possible mutual dialogue that may open doors for Caprivi high treason suspects and all Caprivi exiles.


  1. We therefore hereby call for clarity or answers on the following questions:


a)    On what specific subject would Government of the Republic of Namibia hold dialogue with Mishake Muyongo if not on secession?


b)   Since the state, not the High Court, is the complainant in the Caprivi high treason trial, with reference to the 2004 appeal by state against High Court acquittal ruling of thirteen (13) high treason suspects, is the president not empowered to withdraw Caprivi high treason case and seek a political remedy to it, as the head of state and humane leader?


c)    As the leader of Government business in Parliament yourself, Honorable Prime Minister; you know that Chapter 7, Article 63, Sub-Article 2 (g) of the Namibian constitution empowers the National Assembly (Parliament) to initiate, approve or decide to hold a referendum on matters of national concern. Why is this constitutional blessing not taken advantage of by Government to peacefully settle the Caprivi political dispute, a dispute which has left many Caprivians displaced in exile, some in detention for about thirteen years now, whereas 21 lives have so far been lost while in detention?


  1. Our reasoning tells us that the constitution should not suppress people or be a tool to do so, where it seems or does so, it must be amended. A constitution is the Supreme Law compiled by people and can therefore be changed by people to address new challenges; it did not fall from heaven.


  1. Those who died in this dispute, those in prison, and those in exile including us suffering at home are sons of the soil who were created by God the Almighty like anybody else.


10. It is our belief that where there is will there is a way. Meanwhile, our demands remain standing. We look forward to hear from you in time.

We thank you.

Representatives of Concerned Caprivians


  1. Edwin M. Samati (Shaile village)
  2. Aldrin H. Mahulilo (Sibbinda)
  3. Event M. Linyando (Makanga)
  4. Chrissy Sikenda (Sabelo/Linyanti)
  5. Lenox K. Lutambo (Chefuzwe)
  6. Nalisa N. Muyahi (Chinchimani)
  7. Starsen M. Muyambango (Masida)
  8. Hobby Sinjabata (Sangwali)
  9. George S. Machana (Masokotwani)
  10. Coster Munuma (Lizauli)
  11. Hoster Mukuni (Sikaunga)


Contact email address: concernedcaprivians@gmail.com

Caprivi Concerned Group Demands for a Referendum

Caprivi Concerned Group Demands for a Referendum                                                             

Mr. Edwin Manja , Caprivi Concerned Group member

By admin on June 19, 2012


Mr. Edwin Samati, Caprivi Concerned Group member

By Simon Liseli

CONCERNED residents of the Caprivi region whose petition was turned down in April by the Namibian government as a pro – secessionist, recently conducted their first –ever public meeting on June 3 in Caprivi region.

The concerned group made up of 40 members held the meeting aimed to clear out the false stories and misinterpretations created around the banned peaceful demonstration that was supposed to take place on April 13, 2012 in Katima Mulilo.

The meeting was witnessed by newly appointed Caprivi Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Bollen Sankwasa and other members of the state intelligence.
Mr. Edwin Samati, one of the members, lambasted at the State media (New Era) over an article it published in which it wrote that the organisers of the demonstration were diehard secessionist inspired by events in Zambia, Mali, Syria and Libya.
He pointed out that the peaceful demonstration was intended to demand justice, to denounce social injustice and curse any political humiliation.
“We have been falsely portrayed as violent men. On the day of our botched demonstration, fully armed security forces were dispatched around NBC local radio station aiming to shoot and kill us. False war suspicions were created and spread by state security agents linking it to us” said Mr.Samati.
He said unscrupulous media reports alleged that people are living in fear of an armed attack at anytime by the Caprivi Liberation Army.
“The Caprivi Regional Council interrogated us with death and related threats were hurled at us”
According to Samati, the group is more concerned about the refugees’ population from Caprivi, political prisoners and twenty-one (21) people who died while under detention.
He warned those on a campaign to vilify them, will have their plans backfire on them and called for a peaceful solution to the Caprivi political conflict before we resolve to go for street protests every Sunday.
“A referendum on the Caprivi’s political dispute does not mean secession of the strip. Calling us diehard or pro-secessionists will not solve anything. The younger generations have been robbed of proper parenthood and are suffering socially, economically and psychologically because of the dispute”.
Mr .Samati called on concerned individuals, families, institutions and organizations to publicly call on the government of Namibia to seek a settled solution to the dispute.
“Do the concerned officials know that they are causing political interference in Caprivi high treason trial by stretching the trial length of those political prisoners? May they GRN please unconditionally release these detainees” he begged.


Caprivi Concerned Group members

Caprivi Concerned Group members


“We are here to reiterate our humanitarian political call, to exercise our democratic rights which were denied to us earlier and also to nature our fragile democracy. We are here to advice the government of Namibia on an issue which largely concerns every Caprivian” Samati lamented.
“We do not hesitate to once more again suggest or rather demand for a political dialogue between President Lucas Hifikepunye Pohamba and Mr. Albert Mishake Muyongo the president of UDP.”
He added saying ,Calling for unconditional release of all Caprivi political prisoners and a referendum on the political dispute are all in context based on provision of the supreme law of Namibia.
He however echoed that the revival of CANU must send clear messages to the SWAPO-led government that ignorance, arrogance and aggression does not wash any stain and that SWAPO must know that silence is not always consent.
“Calling for a peaceful political solution to a political dispute is never a crime, time has come to wear shoes of political prisoners and those in exile so that they understand the need to them, how much we love them and contribute to finding lasting solution once and for all in whatever amount or form” he furthered.


Caprivi Concerned Group Members: Mr. Aldrin Mahulilo (Left) and Mr. Edwin Manja

Caprivi concerned group members, Mr. Aldrin Mahulilo ( left) and Mr. Edwin Samati
Prime Minister, Nahas Angula told the State Television (NBC) that the government allowed the Caprivi Concerned Group to have their public meeting to exercise their democratic right.
Currently about ten (10) Caprivi secessionists were convicted of treason in 2007 and sentenced to more than 30 years. However, the judge ruled in 2009 that the 10 could appeal to the Supreme Court against the length of the sentences they received.
The “trial within a trial” is a hearing that began in April 2009 to determine the admissibility of allegedly self-incriminating statements made by 26 of the defendants before various magistrates.
In September 2010 the Supreme Court turned down a request by the state to appeal part of a judgment in which presiding High Court Judge Elton Hoff ruled that alleged confessions made by 26 of the men being prosecuted in the treason trial cannot be used as evidence against them.
In January Judge Hoff ruled evidence linking four suspects to the 1999 secessionist attempt was inadmissible.
Defense attorneys had argued the men who were assaulted by police and not informed of their right to legal assistance at the time of their arrests.
The Supreme Court justices called for the speedy resolution of the trial, now in its seventh year.


Source: http://www.caprivivision.com/caprivi-concerned-group-demands-for-a-referendum-3/


Keynote Speech – Mass Meeting Caprivi Strip 03 June 2012

CAPRIVIAN ACTIVISTS @ Mass Meeting Caprivi Region 03 June 2012

Keynote Speech

Mass Meeting

Ngweze Community Hall

Caprivi Region    0 3 June 2012


The Director of Ceremony,

Members of the Media,

Religious and Traditional leaders,

Political and Business leaders,

Security Agents of State,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


How fortunate I am to address you this Sunday afternoon on behalf of the concerned people who signed the petition of the jealously banned peaceful demonstration!

This event was initiated to clear the false stories and misinterpretations created around the above stated peaceful demonstration. Remember that our petition was classified as “pro-secession” by NAMPOL inspector general, Leut. Gen. Ndeitunga. This was the major unfair response to us, a result of gross misinterpretation.


You may recall false reports from state media, New era newspaper and alike, that as organizers of the demonstration we are apparently diehard secessionists inspired by events in Barotseland, Mali, Syria, Libya, etc. We have been falsely portrayed as violent men. On that day, Friday the 13th of April 2012, fully armed government security forces were dispatched around NBC local radio station, to shoot and kill us had we gathered there. From then, false war suspicions (propaganda) were created and spread by State Security agents, linking it to us.


People are said to live in fear of an armed attack any day, any time, apparently by Caprivi Liberation Army. All these are false stories created as backup to their mistake of banning our peaceful demonstration that we requested peacefully!


We have been interrogated even by Regional Council where death and related threats around the Caprivi issue were ushered at us. Peaceful demonstration is such a simple event, but for us it became a matter of employment and unemployment, life and death! Such threats happen to be made by politically empowered Countrymen who should represent us. For the reason that all is well with them, they think that things should remain the same. They do not care about us, those in prison, and those in exile.


Carelessly handled by these leaders, it has gone to an extent that tribal authorities have been warned to warn their subjects against expressing themselves on the Caprivi political issue. They claim that the demonstration is the reason why Caprivi high treason suspects will “no longer” hear their verdicts in September this year, until the first quarter of next year! Little do they know that they are confessing political interference in Caprivi high treason trial! By the power they stretch the trial length of those political prisoners, may they please unconditionally release them.


DIRECTOR OF CEREMONY; allow me to categorically make it clear that we do not, and will not incite any offence whatsoever but suggest a road map which may prevent the recurring of 2nd August 1999. Neither do we undermine any court but lay down public conviction that requires serious attention.


We are here, as we intended with the peaceful demonstration, to demand justice, denounce social injustice, and curse any political humiliation this far. We are here to reiterate our humanitarian political call. We are here to exercise our democratic right, that which was denied to us earlier. We are here to nurture our fragile democracy. We are to defy fear, not government. All in all, we are here to advice Government of Namibia on an issue which largely concerns every Caprivian.


Let it be understood that whatever we are calling for is done in spirit and principle of social justice, morality, public order, democracy and national security, amongst others. Be it calling for an unconditional release of all Caprivi political prisoners, or a referendum on the Caprivi political dispute, all are, in context, based on provisions of the Supreme Law of Namibia. Such laws include:


  1. The right to freedom of speech and expression
  2. The right to freedom of thought, conscience and belief
  3. That the dignity of all persons shall be inviolable.
  4. That in any judicial proceedings respect for human dignity shall be guaranteed.
  5. That no persons shall be subject to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
  6. That a trial shall take place within a reasonable time, failing which the accused shall be released.
  7. That all persons charged with an offence shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law.
  8. And lastly, the power and function of the National Assembly to initiate, approve or decide to hold a referendum on matters of national concern;


MASTER OF CEREMONY, we declare here that we are neither the first nor the last to refer to Caprivi high treason suspects as political prisoners, nor are we the first or last to say that there is a political dispute between Government of Namibia and the United Democratic Party (UDP) concerning the Caprivi Strip. In both cases peaceful political solutions cannot be overlooked.


Hence, we do not hesitate to once more again suggest, or rather demand 1) a political dialogue between President Lucas Hifikepunye Pohamba and Mr. Albert Mishake Muyongo the president of UDP, 2) the unconditional release of all Caprivi political prisoners, and 3) a referendum on the Caprivi political dispute.


While it appeared as if it is primitive to call for clarity on the status of 1964 SWAPO–CANU merger in our petition, as concerned citizens, we are not surprised that CANU has been revived by fellow sons of the soil. Against this background, we officially drop the demand concerning CANU-SWAPO merger from our petition here and now. Not because of their recent threats but to provide space for each other, so that they stay out of our way.


The new CANU leadership should stand firm in their approach and be vigilant but never betray, or aim to at fellow Caprivians. We are all Caprivians. We wish them Good Luck. The Academic Doctors and New CANU are not cowards and whatever different opinions they hold, the fact remains that there is a lot of political dust in Caprivi which must be debated and peacefully settled. Even if the merger agreement is in the briefcase and keys are lost, authors and signatories of that agreement are still alive. Why then can’t they peacefully discuss one on one!


The revival, legitimate or not, must send a clear message to the SWAPO-led government that ignorance, arrogance and aggression does not wash any stain. SWAPO must be assured that silence is not always consent.


However, in our determination to see or find a peaceful solution, we hereby withdraw the statement which cautioned of a possible war because of persistent misinterpretations and that it has been used as a loophole to deny us our right. It is therefore up to those creating false suspicions of war, Security Agents in Caprivi to continue with their corrupt investigations to get S&Ts at the cost of tax-payers’ money. We are determined to peace.


Calling for a peaceful political solution to a political dispute is never a crime. For example, in his State of the Nation address of 25 April 2012, The President of Namibia said (I QUOTE) “We are also concerned about the escalating conflict between Sudan and South Sudan. We therefore call for a peaceful solution to the conflict. Reason should prevail so that the current conflict does not evolve into full-scale warfare” (END OF QUOTE). The President did not commit any crime in saying so; neither did he interfere with the territorial integrity of Sudan and South Sudan.


Sudan and South Sudan was once a unitary state and both territories were recognized by the international community through the organs of the United Nations as Sudan. There was war in Sudan then, between secessionists and the state but at some points, peace agreements were signed. Not because there were no longer arms around the world but to peacefully and permanently settle the conflict that took thousands of civilian lives. In the end, through peace agreements, a referendum was accepted even by Hassan El Bashir, president of Sudan.


Likewise, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, we are concerned about the refugee population from Caprivi, political prisoners from Caprivi who have spent about 13 years waiting for justice, we are also concerned about twenty-one (21) souls from Caprivi lost while political detention. We therefore call for a peaceful solution to the Caprivi political conflict before we finally resolve to go for street protests every Sunday.


Having made our position clear, we take this opportunity to seriously warn those on a campaign to vilify us. We do not have anything that can take their lives, not even the right to do so. They are leaders not wise enough to understand and deliver the aspirations of people they purport to represent and lead. Continuation of their campaign will one day backfire. We know what people want.


DIRECTOR OF CEREMONY, allow me to thank the people of Caprivi for resisting evil influence of monetary inspired politicians against us. WE SAY THANK YOU COUNTRYMEN AND WOMEN! We thank you for being there for us; we thank you for being there for those in prison and those in exile. You have not forsaken them in deed. We are convinced that people of Caprivi are not blind, not deaf, nor heartless but complete, sane and humane.


In all we have done or attempted, challenges are always there. The biggest challenge is that of fear amongst the people. Some confess that they are cowards. We only wonder who did this to people! Humanity, integrity and dignity needs to be restored in people of Caprivi. Most of the people in Caprivi feel like sub-human. Some even say that it is because of this Sub-Humanity that we were denied to peacefully demonstrate.


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, this is one of the reasons why we insist on a referendum. Let us say it again, referendum on the Caprivi political dispute does not automatically mean secession of Caprivi Strip. Therefore, calling us “diehard secessionist” or “pro-secessionists” will not solve anything. There is a young generation which is robbed of proper parenthood, and is suffering socially, economically, and psychologically because of the dispute.


Time to resolve the dispute is today.


We know that GRN has never, but never attempted to settle the issue despite calls for a dialogue or referendum by UDP, human rights organizations and the general public. People have the right to soberly ask: How does SWAPO-led government intend to effectively deal with the political aspect of Caprivi high treason and the Caprivian refugee population? When will that be? For how long will this dispute be swept and kept under the carpet?


Every concerned individual, family and institution or organization should publicly call on government of Namibia to seek a settled solution to this dispute no matter the odds. Humanity must restore our warring society. It is not our wish for this dispute to proceed to the next generation.


Our elders must find time to discuss and negotiate any possible peaceful means to settle this dispute at the household/family level to the highest level in our society. All present here, those that will get this message, when you get home today, start discussing this issue with your family.


Time has come to wear the shoes of political prisoners and those in exile so that you understand the need to help them. Time has come to show how much we love them, me and you. Time has come to reason with them. It is our innate responsibility to seek social justice and denounce injustice. We must all contribute to finding a lasting solution once and for all, in whatever amounts or form.


Let me take this opportunity to inform the audience that here and now, the process of signing the petition of the banned demo will resume. This is for those who never had an opportunity to do so. It is still crucial because the petition needs signatory support which may one day convince Government and NGOs to comply.


Who said we do not want unity? Who said we do not want peace? Who said we do not equality? Who said we do not want justice? And who said we do not want prosperity enjoyed elsewhere?


The Director of Ceremony,

Members of the Media,

Religious and Traditional leaders,

Political and Business leaders,

Security Agents of State,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Let there be light… Let there be peace… Let there be equality… Let there be justice… Let there be freedom… Let there be love… Let there be unity… Let there be prosperity…


God Bless Those in Prison…

God Bless those in exile…

God bless all victims of the situation…

God bless Caprivi…




Caprivi Strip Map









  1. Barotse Royal Establishment
  2. Britain
  3. Federal Government of German
  4. Government of the Republic of South Africa








DATE: 13 April 2012




INSPIRED by wishes and aspirations of the Caprivian people for peace and unity, justice and equality, including the inherent dignity and inalienable rights provided to all members of the human kind as set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1976) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1976), and articulated for the African peoples through the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (1986);


ALSO INSPIRED by the Namibian constitution, chapter 3 articles 1 to 25 which stipulates clearly the fundamental human rights and freedoms that need to be respected and protected;


CONCURRING with Amnesty International (AI) human rights report on Namibia (August 2003) which stated that seventy-five (75) percent of Caprivi High Treason suspects are political prisoners. We therefore believe and charge that High Treason offences are political offences which only require nothing but a peaceful political resolution;


ACKNOWLEDGING and appreciating Namibia’s leading human rights organization, the former National Society for Human Rights (now Namrights) call for a political solution to the Caprivi conflict (February 21, 2005) where it stated that it believes “that a negotiated settlement is not only cost-effective, but also stands the best chance of bringing about restorative justice and hence, a durable resolution of the Caprivi dispute.”


CONSIDERING the assertive conclusion of the November 28, 2011 submission by the Caprivian community in Botswana to the Government of Botswana, Namibia, and
UNHCR- Botswana that “In the interest of peace, Caprivian people shall continue to seek and appeal for an amicable approach to their political issue. The road to freedom is not easy but we are determined and courageous to face any challenges.”


AWARE of a historical fact that during the Second Berlin Conference Caprivi Strip became a Germany possession after the British exchanged it for the islands of Heligoland and Zanzibar through the Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty (1890). Germany was stripped of its colonial possessions (including Caprivi Strip) as stated in the Treaty of Versailles (1919).  In 1920, South West Africa (now Namibia) was placed under the mandate of the League of Nations, while the Strip remained under South Africa as a separate entity.

another fact that in October 1964, then Zambian Prime Minister Kenneth Kaunda and His Royal Highness Litunga (i.e. King) of Barotseland, Sir Mwanawina Lewanika, signed an agreement incorporating the autonomous Barotseland Kingdom into Zambia without the Caprivi Strip;


AND AWARE that in the same year (1964), on November 5, a significant merger agreement was signed between South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO) and Caprivi African National Union (CANU) with conditions which includes among others 1) To fight a common enemy, the South African regime that was illegally occupying the two countries. 2) At the attainment of independence, the people of the Caprivi must be asked whether they want to join Namibia or remain independent;


KNOWING that certain laws specific to South West Africa and subsequently Namibia were not applicable to Caprivi Strip until the Application of Laws to the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel Act 1999 (Act 10 of 1999) was promulgated only on June 24, 1999, extending the laws of Namibia to Caprivi Strip, without the consent of the Caprivian population;


HIGHLY inspired by the selfless contribution of Caprivians to the liberation of Namibia such as Brendan Simbwae who mysteriously died in the hands of South African forces, Mishake Muyongo who is now exiled in Denmark, Induna Masida who was roasted over an open fire while his subjects were observing in horror, Judea Lyaboloma whose corpse after being killed by South African forces was displayed at his village for public view as a warning, and many fallen Caprivian PLAN fighters. Against this background, we do not want to see any further form of political suppression in our society, otherwise their contribution is declared worthless, in vain.


RECALLING human rights violations committed by the Namibian government on Caprivians which included “mass arbitrary arrests and detentions, summary executions, torture, enforced disappearances and prolonged detention without trial” according to Namrights and the AI, as admitted in 1999 by then Namibia Defence Minister, Erkki Nghimtina in saying ‘definitely we made some mistakes regarding human rights abuses’


APPREACIATING the closure of the state’s case in the main Caprivi high treason trial despite the unreasonable length of more than eight years, and though legal experts still anticipate that getting to the end of the trial is not going to be a “walk in a park”, meaning it is far from over. We however, believe strongly that only a political resolution shall be regarded as fair and just for the treason suspects, their family and the entire Caprivian population;


DEEPLY concerned about the negative psychological, socio-economic effects of the current political status quo in Namibia, and particularly on the concerned Caprivian population whose families are separated by exile, high treason (political) detention and mysterious deaths, all because of this said living political dispute;


SURPRISED to learn through media reports that this political dispute is falsely used by some Namibians, not Caprivians, to seek asylum in Canada and other western countries for economic reasons to an extent that some even claim to be (or have been) members of the Caprivi Liberation Army (CLA);


COMMITTED to our moral submission AGAINST any reasonable political and social unrest in the country over the last twelve (12) years which could and can arise from political humiliations and human rights violations already alluded to, trusting that the Namibian political leadership must find or grant political justice as an ultimate resolution to the Caprivi political dispute;


AWARE and CONVINCED that Caprivi high treason cases and the political dispute can be peacefully settled politically through a UN organized and supervised dialogue and referendum if the Namibian political leadership really want to settle the dispute permanently;


OBSERVING with keen interest of the way the current Zambian political leadership is handling the Barotseland 1964 Agreement issue through presidential inquiry, diplomatic and public engagement of which the Namibian government can do the same if it really wishes to settle the Caprivi secession issue amicably;


CAUTIOUS of a possible war in Caprivi Strip if those peacefully advocating to secede Caprivi Strip based on historical, political and legal facts, are not listened to or provided with any peaceful platform to tell their side of story by either Namibia or the international community. As Martin Luther King Jr. a widely acclaimed Black American civil-rights activist once said “violence is the language of the unheard.”


DETERMINED to responsibly defend all inherent human rights and make sure that all human beings remain equal and free in dignity and in rights despite the kind of political belief they hold. So that all people, including Caprivians should pursue the fullest measure of their political thoughts and beliefs without fear. So that everyone is able to ask political questions, and to be provided with convincing political answers without fear, favor or prejudice;


BECAUSE our friends and families, including ourselves have suffered enough and that we do not wish to pass this political dispute to the subsequent generations;


IN RESPECT of all the lives and souls lost in this dispute;


AGAINST ANY PREJUDICE towards us, we, the undersigned resolve to peacefully seek an amicable political resolution to the Caprivi political dispute, as much as a dying person needs life, by hereby demanding, for the love of the nation:


  1. The President of the Republic of Namibia to unconditionally release all Caprivi political prisoners and seek a peaceful political resolution to the Caprivi high treason through dialogue with Mr. Albert Mishake Muyongo, leader of the secessionist movement.


  1. The National Assembly of Namibia to initiate, approve or decide to hold a referendum on the Caprivi political dispute as a matter of national concern, where only native Caprivians shall participate.


  1. The Secretary General of SWAPO to publicly elucidate the current status of CANU in (or alongside) SWAPO based on the terms and conditions of the November 5, 1964 merger agreement.


  1. The UN resident coordinator   in Namibia to independently initiate a fact finding inquiry on the Caprivi political dispute and make recommendations for an ultimate resolution to the Government of Namibia and the UDP leadership.


  1. Former administrators of Caprivi Strip, the international diplomatic community in Namibia, religious and human rights organizations to publicly persuade the Government of Namibia to seek a political resolution on the Caprivi political dispute.


  1. The Ombudsman of Namibia to investigate the violation of Article 21(a), (b), and (e) of the Namibian Constitution by the President of Namibia in banning UDP from holding public meetings in Namibia (07 Sep 2006), and to take appropriate action to call for the remedying, correction and reversal of the ban through negotiation and compromise between the parties concerned. We charge that it is unjust, oppressive and unfair in any democratic society to unconstitutionally ban a peaceful political organization;


We therefore, humbly but firmly demand that our demands be granted within a period of twenty-one (21) days and nights, from today, 13 April 2012, failure of which will compel us to peacefully protest every Sunday.


We thank you.



Phil ya Nangoloh
                                                                      8:18 AM (2 hours ago)  

Phil ya Nangoloh

to Phil

April 13 2012





Namibian Police (NamPol) Inspector General, Lt-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, has yesterday declined to “approve” a peaceful demonstration by a group of concerned Caprivians at Katima Mulilo.  In a letter dated April 5 2012 addressed to NamPol’s Regional Commander for the Caprivi Region, members of the organizing committee, representing more than 100 concerned residents of the volatile Caprivi Region, notified NamPol (see attached or visit www.namrights.org.na) of their intention to “hold a peaceful demonstration” and to “assemble and march to peacefully […] and formally hand over our petition to you”.


In their Petition (see attached or visit www.namrights.org.na), the censored demonstrators expressed their dissatisfaction with the marathon Caprivi High Treason Trial (CHTT)[1] as well as the current political status of Namibia’s Eastern Caprivi Zipfel, which after Namibian Independence is officially known as the Caprivi Region. They inter alia demanded that Namibia’s President Lucas Hifikepunye Pohamba “unconditionally release all Caprivi political prisoners and seek a peaceful political resolution” through dialogue with Caprivi secessionist leader Mishake Muyongo. Referring to Article 63(2) (g) of the Namibian Constitution[2], the suppressed demonstrators also urged Namibia’s Parliament to “initiate, approve or decide to hold a referendum on the political status of the Caprivi Zipfel.


In his letter declining (see attached or visit www.namrights.org.na) to “approve” the planned demonstration Lt-General Ndeitunga inter alia said:


“Secessionist as per the Constitution of Republic of Namibia is classified as High Treason, any pro-secessionist demonstration whether peaceful or in any whatever form will be construed as supporting the secessionist ideology or the separation of Caprivi from the rest of the Republic of Namibia”.


In a similar move on August 12 2010, NamPol imposed a draconian order banning[3] all and any demonstrations and or gatherings countrywide between August 12 2010 and August 20 2010. However, in its August 17 2010 ruling in which Lt-General Ndeitunga was respondent, the High Court declared[4] banning order unconstitutional and as invalid. The Court ruled that Proclamation AG 23 of 1989, upon which Ndeitunga rested the banning order, does not give the Police the power to ban any planned peaceful gathering or demonstration. On the same occasion, Ndeitunga conceded that the Proclamation AG 23 0f 1989 does not give the Police the power to ban a gathering demonstration that is planned.


Therefore, NamRights rejects the latest Police banning order on the peaceful demonstration by concerned Caprivi residents as unfair and unreasonable.  In terms of the permanently entrenched Namibian Bill of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms[5] (i.e. Chapter 3 of the Namibian Constitution) all persons have the right to freedom of opinion and expression (Article 21(1) (a)) and all Namibians have the right to participate in peaceful political activity intended to influence the policies of Government and to join or form political parties or associations to participate in the conduct of public affairs (Article 17). According to Articles 21(1) (a), 21(1) (b), 21(1) (c) and 21(1) (d) of the said Constitution, everyone has the right, individually or in association with others, to exercise and enjoy the right to freedom of association, assembly and movement.


“We strongly disagree with the latest Police ban on the planned peaceful Caprivi demonstration and reject the reasons given for the ban. As far as we are concerned, to secede any part of Namibia by peaceful means is one of the democratic rights protected by the Namibian Constitution. Only secessionism through violent means is totally excluded and, as such, could be construed as high treason. Therefore, the Police ban on a peaceful pro-secessionism demonstration constitutes a flagrant violation of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution. NamRights is hereby reminding the Police that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of Namibia and as such its provisions must be respected, protected and fulfilled in respect of all persons in the country”, said NamRights executive director Phil ya Nangoloh.


Meanwhile, a group of Namibian refugees in neighboring Botswana is accusing the Namibian Government of attempting to refouler[6] them to Caprivi. In the Open Letter (see attached or visit www.namrights.org.na) severely criticizing Namibia’s Commissioner for Refugees, Nkrumah Mushelenga, they also rejected such attempts, which they view as a harassment on the part of the Tripartite Commission (consisting of the Governments of Namibia and Botswana and the UN refugee agency, UNHCR).


In case of additional information, please call, e-mail or text: Steven Mvula or Phil ya Nangoloh at Tel: +264 61 253 447, +264 61 236 183 or +264 811 406 888 (office hours) or Mobiles: +264 811 299 886 (Phil) and or +264 812 912 948 (Steven) or E-mail: nshr@nshr.org.na or nshr@iafrica.com.na or visit us at: Liberty Center, 116 John Meinert Street, Windhoek-West, Windhoek or visit our website at: www. namrights.org.na








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Chrispin Mutoiwa; UDP Secretary for Information

It is the obligation of all the people from the Caprivi Strip to stand tall and advocate the interests of that territory.  It must be done without fear of being arrested or being prejudiced in terms of losing a job or banned from getting basic necessities. Article 21 of the Namibian Constitution, is clear on the Fundamental Freedoms Namibian citizens are entitled to enjoy. But because Caprivians are not Namibians they were stripped off, of all these freedom, including celebrating the Namibian independence on March the thirty first (31st).  This signifies that SWAPO recognize the undisputed fact that The Caprivi Strip is not part of Namibia.

Let us say here that from the time Mr. Muyongo returned from exile, people can recall the fact that he was vocal in terms of advocating for the common good and interests of the Caprivi Strip and its populace. He was firm in his conviction that SWAPO was not a party for the Caprivians as it never wanted anything good for the Caprivi territory, and that all they wanted was land for their self interests. They wanted the Caprivi turned into farm land and its people forced out to seek land elsewhere. This for many was hyperbole or not convincing enough, as they thought he just hated them, given his past experiences with Mr. Sam Nujoma. We all believe in a saying that something you hear cannot destroy you but once it unveils itself it kills. Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed, (John 20: 29) Jesus said these words to Thomas and other disciples.

SWAPO slowly started with PEDICO, an Egypian agricultural company that was organized and set to do agriculture in Lake Lyambezi. It was Mr. Muyongo who fought against the SWAPO regime and the company was stopped only when it was found wanting in terms of finance. It then became worse after the exodus of Caprivians into exile. They massacred the people in Western Caprivi with intent to confiscate it from the Barakwena who resided there, (see Human Rights and Amnesty Int. Report, 2000). It was reported that mass graves were found and excavated in Angola and Western Caprivi. The announcement by Ndaitwa that Bwabwata was part of Kavango coupled by shifting the plate board at Mukuvi (Andara area), the border between Caprivi Strip and Namibia to Kongola was not only provocative but an undertaking organized by SWAPO in furtherance of their old plans to grab land from Caprivians.

Today we hearing of land in the Caprivi being sold to people and government of Namibia, something that never happened even during the apartheid time. Our stance on this issue is this that land from time immemorial in the Caprivi Strip belonged to the chiefs who were and are custodians to that land. It is a commodity that can turn people‘s lives for the better. From land children can get education, from land poor families can feed themselves, and from land one can get riches. We are troubled by the news that SWAPO has of recent put into effect, a law that forces people to register land where they live, where they cultivate their crops, and where they graze their cattle. Why this law, if at all it exists?

The next thing will be that everyone will only be allowed to have a certain number of livestock and the rest will belong to the government. This is without any doubt what many refers to as communism, an ideology SWAPO learnt and is perfecting it in the Caprivi Strip. Our message on this is simple, stand up and fight for your rights. Namibia up to this moment has not solved the question whether you want to be Namibians or you will remain as Caprivians, (see Act 39 (5) Act of 1968 of the Constitution of South West Africa). Under that Act and law of South West Africa (Namibia), Namibia has no jurisdiction over The Caprivi Strip. What they came up with in 1999 is incongruent to the facts on the table and thus inconclusive and unconstitutional, even in accordance to the Namibian laws.

The case of Caprivians in the Namibian prisons is disheartening. For thirteen years they are behind bars kept there by the SWAPO regime to score points. Where is justice if people are deprived their right to the fundamental freedoms including that of self determination? It is barbaric to imprison people indefinitely to gain political expedience because at the end you could be found guilty of contravening your power limitations. Remember that no one is above the law because one day you will be forced to account for your cruelty. Justice delayed is justice denied.

To the people of the Caprivi Strip, who is going to bring justice if you do not demand it? If you are deprived of your rights, it is logical to stand up and fight for those rights. SWAPO is a party of criminals and thus will stop at nothing but do everything for political expedience. We have come a long way and the baby is about to be born. We are our own liberators, let us face our fears head on and God knows we shall conquer. So united we stand, divided we fall.

UDP, Bulela Sicaba Sa Utwa!!!!

Chrispin Mutoiwa

UDP Secretary for Information.

Tribalism in Caprivi is a Psychological warfare weapon

Caprivi Strip nation emblem symbolizing unity among Caprivian people..

Tribalism in Caprivi is a Psychological warfare weapon


“As a Man thinketh, so is he.” Contextualized, if you think you are a tribalist then you are. If you think Caprivi is a world-class tribalism theater then it is. If you think we are divided then we are. Think differently, the opposite and it shall be so. James Allen teaches two essential truths in his book titled As a Man thinketh so is He: 1) that today we are where our thoughts have taken us, 2) that we are the architects, for better or worse, of our futures. This book was called “The Strangest Secret” by the father of modern day personal development, Earl Nightngale. He said the secret is “we become what we think about”.


Whatever happened to the Luyemi Hamoho legacy which literally means “Together We Stand”. This was symbolized by two elephants, firstly on Caprivi identity cards, and secondly on the Caprivi coat of arms. This represented the Masubiya and Mafwe Traditional Authorities and their people. It means unity. Some say it was a creation of the colonial regime which might be true, but let us not lose sight of the fact that tribalism was unheard then as today. Hence, I am confident to suggest that probably today’s tribalism in Caprivi (if it really exists) might similarly be a psychological creation by state.


Some people say, perhaps because of the negative impression potentially created by the media, that Caprivians are not united. In most cases, assumptions are that this said disunity is caused by tribalism while evidence (if there is) has never been so clear. I only hope it is not mistaken for nepotism, or unresolved tribal land disputes. Here, I define tribalism as discriminatory attitudes towards one another based on ethnic tribe.


Surely, tribalism must be a demon and whosoever is possessed with it need serious psychological deliverance. Remember the alleged horrors that Adolf Hitler performed on Jews in German concentration camps in the name of Nazi ideals of “racial purity”? Remember the genocide in Rwanda? Remember Kenya and Ivory Coast politically motivated tribal clashes?


I am not exaggerating what tribalism can do and I am not confirming that levels of tribalism in Caprivi are comparable to the examples given. I want to share my view on the issue with caution, attempting to unite the people of Caprivi by breaking down illusory barriers among us Caprivians, if tribalism is one of them. Reading and listening to opinions or news suggesting “tribalism is rife in Caprivi” must be thrilling. However, have we at any point thought if this said tribalism could be an illusion (propaganda), or a mere excuse for economic marginalization by the megalomaniacs?


Sincerely, there is need for a critical inquiry or study of tribalism in Caprivi before it can be seen as a serious hindrance to unity, development and freedom. The million dollar question is what if tribalism in Caprivi is an illusion, a social-political propaganda to cause permanent divisions and stagnation, an excuse for economic marginalization, and most importantly, what if it is real? A good lie can cause havoc if not studied well.


It is better to believe that we are united than believing the opposite. Some of our leaders are on record denouncing tribalism in Caprivi with a theory suggesting that Caprivi is under-developed because of tribalism and disunity. This might be true, but by implication, it means that roads in Katima Mulilo remain bumpy, slippery, potholed, and flooded because of tribalism. It also implies that tribalism among Caprivians is the reason why electricity blackout remain a weekly experience followed by water shortages. I cannot soberly take this excuse. This is a mere excuse for no development or economic marginalization in general.


Besides, why are the so called tribalists not reprimanded? Does the GRN sanction discriminatory attitudes and behaviors based on tribes? Some of you will agree with me, as I continue to argue here that tribalism in Caprivi is an illusion created by political leaders who would not want to see Caprivians united and developed, these are saboteurs and their masters. They find it to be a serious threat to their power should Caprivian men and women be united, as one.


Most of us know the concept “divide and rule” and can comprehend its nature and consequences very well. Tribalism propaganda can be one of the ways to sow the seed of divide and rule. This seed is sown in our hearts and minds making it very difficult to uproot when it begins to show up in our actions and language. Hence the only way out is to liberate our hearts and minds against all odd to think differently that we do not hate each other, we love each other and that we belong together. Luyemi Hamoho (Together we stand).


I understand that some of us could have seen and touched this so-called tribalism in one way or the other. These are direct victims and victors of this so-called tribalism. However, there is a possibility that, what they experienced is real tribalism but I am certain that tribalism does not happen in streets; neither in churches nor in schools or beer-halls, not even in political opposition parties but somewhere in SWAPO party and the SWAPO led institutions such as Regional and Town Councils. Trusting my memory, there was a time when it was reported in daily newspaper that at SWAPO meeting in Caprivi, members who attended were chanting “Viva Mafwe”, “Viva Masubiya”, “Down Mafwe”, “Down Masubiya”, etc. Last year, Dr. Sazita, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Katima Mulilo Town Council was ousted allegedly because of tribalism in the said institution. Those who might have seen and touched this so-called tribalism could have been in wrong places or say wrong institutions.


SWAPO is way too small than Caprivians; therefore tribalism in SWAPO must not be extrapolated or generalized to all people of Caprivi. Tribal jurisdiction differences must not be identified as tribalism, but jurisdiction conflict and I am sure that our chiefs can solve such conflicts, as cousins and responsible leaders. The problem is this good lie which suggests that they hate each other which creates unnecessary hostilities. I have seen many violent rivals reconciling. I have a conviction that our traditional leaders can settle their differences. We as well must reject the tribalism illusion. No doubt, the SWAPO led Government have deliberately mishandled this conflict to their political convenience.


Believe with me today that we are divided by propaganda, and we must unite against this propaganda. Surely we might be victims of a psychological warfare. Instances perceived as tribalism might be here and there but such cases have no real tribal ground or basis, but personal or political. Probably we mistaken nepotism with tribalism or deliberately choose the term tribalism to get a mass in-group support since nepotism has a smaller (or no) support group compared to tribalism. We might be also choosing tribalism because this is usually viewed as identity defense while nepotism is viewed as selfishness.


We are not different in any way and there is nothing so special to fight for against each other. We are all black with the same color of blood. Let us get out of this social trap. Let us take two steps outside this hostile social box. Let us reclaim unity, the LUYEMI HAMOHO legacy. No one should undermine our culture and identity of unity. We are all Caprivians first before we are Christian, Muslim, “patriotic” Namibian or SWAPO. SWAPO will one day go, but Caprivi shall forever be here. Our obligation in life must be to preserve our Caprivian natural society than anything else. We are the stewards of our nation. Let us not believe the disunity lie. We know that some of us have been conditioned to this lie and so do they behave. We know that some do it for political expediency and selfishness. Let us deliver them through serious deliberations. Tell them we are united, we are one. Tell them to defy and erase the madness thought of hate. Let us think differently.


Are we observing what is happening to western Caprivi Strip? We are failing to stand together against border shift because of the illusion that we hate each other. Now tell me, who is the winner in this border dispute with Kavango? Of course the winner is obviously Kavango or Namibia, and our Caprivi becomes a weeping looser. Caprivi must be wondering: WHERE ARE YOU MY SON, MY DAUGHTER? Caprivi is weeping for her natural environment and society disintegrating and warring out; her men and women in exile; her loved men in prison; her people divided by an illusion called tribalism!


Unity mends all cracks but division widens and deepens such cracks. You might not have realized, we have a lot in common than slight differences. It is only that we keep our slight differences closer to our hearts and minds than our similarities. Hence according to the rule of a thumb, our differences become magnified, greater and more important than our similarities. By “rule of a thumb” I mean your thumb is bigger than Kilimanjaro Mountain if closely placed in front of your eye while the mountain is at a distance. Many times we argue because we think we have a difference which may not even exist, tribalism is an example. Many times we fight on very tiny differences perceived to be big, tribalism is still an example. But bare out with me, we have many shared values such as traditional and political history, than differences. After all, Caprivi Strip soil and space belong to each and every one of us. I do not understand why tiny differences seem to be more important than our vast similarities.


Today, we are living in the Caprivi Strip secession political ideology era. No matter how different you think, especially the youth, on this one we must unite. Not because all of us subscribe to the secession ideology, neither because we do not subscribe to this ideology, nor because we have nothing to lose or gain. But we must unite because we all need, and must contribute to finding a lasting solution once and for all. We cannot claim activism, patriotism, political and academic excellence anywhere in the world if we fail to first claim that in Caprivi. We cannot claim unity anywhere or with any other society before we claim unity among ourselves, as Caprivians. Where is your education, religious and political leadership if you fail to call for a lasting solution in Caprivi, as a Caprivian or Namibian?


Gaze into the past, and the present and you will see over a thousand Caprivians in exile, an armed uprising. You will see ten Caprivian men sentenced on treason charges and about 18 corpses from political detention, their souls still in prison. You will see more than a hundred men on treason trial and in detention for the past twelve years while their family and direct dependents suffering socially, economically and psychologically. You will see a never developed Caprivi Strip and a high percentage of orphans and vulnerable children. You will see HIV prevalence record of 43% in Caprivi. The biggest question is for how long will this status quo continue to exist? Time to change is now by first changing our negative thoughts and attitudes against each other. That is to reject disunity lies. Remember that we will not only be judged for the bad we did but also the good we failed to do.


Everyone from east to west must come on board to work out a lasting solution. We need each other. If we have slight differences let us settle them now, in a mature and constructive manner. As Caprivians we are known for eating beef, not human flesh which means we can assemble together peacefully and speak out with one voice calling for a solution, a lasting one. Warring political sides must come together to compromise and reach consensus. This can only be achieved through dialogue or referendum. We live together and die together. Let us all join hands, reason together, and speak with one voice for an amicable solution to the Caprivi Strip secession bid, win or lose.


Caprivi Strip belongs to all Caprivians no matter how different we think, no matter our socio-economic status or educational level, to a certain extent we must agree to create a peaceful, united and developed society. Ignorance is very expensive and we are too poor to afford it.


In conclusion, do not forget that we are the architects, for better or worse, of our futures. Let us win this psychological warfare by defying the disunity illusion. Remember that we were Caprivians first before we were CANU politicians? Remember the signing of CANU petition to UN? Remember that we were Caprivians first before CANU-SWAPO merger? Caprivians were one. I tell you today, we are still one, LUYEMI HAMOHO. Tell the world, we are one blood, one nation.


By Manja Manja

Caprivi Nation


Builders of a Better Caprivi are Victimized

  Builders of a Better Caprivi are Victimized

Nicky N Muyahi

“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). “Democracy is not something you believe in or a place to hang your hat, but it’s something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles”, Abbie Hoffman. I shall never fear nor worship any human kind, I only fear and worship the one and only king of kings who continuously showers me with his blessing and giving me life to see tomorrow. I shall never let my feeling to control by my kind.


For how long shall we keep on with the unrest crime against humanity in Caprivi? We are people and entitled to love, hate, criticise where the government goes wrong. Is negatively commenting about Swapo led government a crime in Namibia? Do we always have to do and say things the way Swapo needs them to be done and said or say Swapo well done while in reality there is nothing or very little been done? I say no. I will do things that I believe in not what someone believes in, not what Swapo believe in. I shall never be part of those who sold or selling themselves cheaply to the led government, in various kinds of monetary way. If not being for Swapo’s political agenda and failing government policies, is a crime. I will be more than happy to be called a criminal on those grounds!


If we truly live in a democratic society, then we should start telling the truth as we see it. If we want to build a better Caprivi let us do so by; loving one another, respecting one another, burying down jealous, fighting down tribal discrimination, fighting down political discrimination,   Let’s come together as one. But to those who want to see Caprivi worse than it is now, they will in their ways and their powers eliminate productive personnel. That is an act of foolish men!


For how long will our people be in prison charged for high treason without any proper trail? Many in Caprivians have accepted that Swapo can do whatever it so wishes with Caprivians. This is an act of weak men!


Let us stand up and open the door to freedom for our fellow Caprivian. Fear is a symbol defeat, only weak men accept defeat. A really man fights till the end of the battle. The struggle for total freedom shall continue till the last Caprivian is out of prison and exiled are back home. No human kind shall stop the struggle before total freedom has been attained!


Roads in and around Katima Mulilo are in a status that is unacceptable, let me clear on that. The so called roads are as poor as the private roads we use when going to our kraals. Who is to blame for this, the government or the regional political leadership? The answer is right in front of our eyes but many choose to ignore it. The answer is; “the Swapo government is to blame”. The government and top regional political leadership is made up of Swapo members, these so called comrades have failed to deliver. Is there no any alternative solution to this crisis apart from voting them in power while they continuously fail to deliver and represent the Caprivian community on the national and international level? Transfer governance to poetical leaders who shall build a better Caprivi!


It’s high time; we better stand up for our humanitarian rights and build a better Caprivi, for the current and future generation without fear. “God helps those who help themselves” Hezekiah 6:1.  So is the international community. Building a better Caprivi is our responsibility. God bless Caprivi!


Children of the Liberation Struggle Protest in Katima

Children of the Liberation Struggle Protest in Katima

Children of the Liberation Struggle of Namibia on streets of Katima Mulilo Protesting, Febr

By Simon Liseli

ABOUT thirty (30) angry children of the liberation struggle of Namibia in the Caprivi region took a peaceful demonstration on February 9, 2012 against unfair recruitment and discrimination.


The petition was handed to the Acting Caprivi Governor Hon. Wardens Matengu Simushi a Councillor for Katima Mulilo Rural Constituency after waiting for him for an hour while standing under the sun in front of the governor’s office.
In their petition the liberation struggle children want to know why their names are being cancelled when sent to different line Ministries for recruitment.


They also mentioned that a very less number of the liberation struggle kids in the region are absorbed in Ministries such as Safety and Security in the department of NAMPOL, Correctional Services, Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Defence.


“We are nothing apart from being the children of the liberation struggle in Caprivi region and we want to know why is it that when we want to find out about our plight in different government offices they use vulgar words like you are uneducated people stop troubling us in our offices, you take the country as yours, do you think you are so special?” they said in their petition.


The children further said they want to know as to whom their plights should be attended to as they claim that whenever they approach the Regional Youth Office in Katima Mulilo for assistance, a certain Mr. Mcbollen Sibeso used to tell them that he does not deal with politics without knowing whether the issue of struggle kids is politics.


The Youth Ministry sent about 120 names of them to the Ministry of Health and Social Services and other names were removed from the list by officials within the Ministry leaving only 80 and from 80 only 11 were employed.


“They should tell us the recruitment procedures for recruiting the liberation struggle kids because we need to know and we are being discriminated against from all youth in the region, if there are no jobs we demand the government to assist us financially so that we start up our businesses,” they said.


They have also called upon the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the founding father of the Namibian nation Dr. Sam Nujoma in his capacity as a patron of the Namibian existed kids association to look into the matter and further demanded an answer for their petition before the 18th of February 2012.

Receiving the petition Hon. Simushi passed his apology to the children of the liberation struggle for taking their time as he was out of the office. He informed them that as the acting governor he was sympathy with the situation on the ground and he promised to present the petition to the governor the time he will be in the office as he was out of the region and discuss the matter, “We will also invite those relevant Ministries you have mentioned in your petition and find out the reality,” he said.


The Acting Governor further told the children that the information he has is that among the children who were born in exile the Ministry of Safety already absorbs some of them and Security while others are short listed to go for interviews.


“We are going to look into the matter to see whether what you are saying is the reality so I really have sympathy with you as you have indicated that you are giving this petition up to the 18th of February, we will discuss about it and come back to you” he furthered.



Ms.Mavis Kapelwa, the Deputy Chairperson of the Namibian Exile Kids Association in Caprivi region who directed the demonstration added saying she was wondering why Hon. Simushi left the office while he was given a notice that there will be a demonstration on the 9th February in the morning but rather he walked out of the office shortly after 9 o’clock when the demonstration started.


“What does that mean, is it not the corruption we are talking in this region? corruption in this region is there” she said.


Ms. Kapelwa pointed out that the names of the children of the liberation struggle are put aside without valid reasons, “At the hospital 120 names were sent there but only 80 qualified, can you tell us even cleaners they now need to have qualifications and they use words to us like you people are not educated, on your places we will put our families and friends you are just troubling yourself” she quashed.


She further said at the Ministry of Works about five (5) kids of the liberation struggle in 2010 got work and names were sent to the regional office in Katima Mulilo but the man who was in charge just hide the list, “Its only our list that got lost in his office, his papers didn’t what is that? Is it because we are children of the struggle? Education, Agriculture and other Ministries they do the same, what is happening,” she lamented.


The petition was read and handed over to Mr.Simushi by Mr. Morris Muyoyeta one of the children of struggle.

CAPTION: Children of the Liberation Struggle of Namibia on streets of Katima Mulilo Protesting, February 9, 2012.